Beyond traditional antivirus:
the Italian cyber protection solution for companies and public administrations

100% Made in Italy technology

Uranyo combines the most advanced military-derived algorithms with the utmost ease of installation and use. 

More than just a traditional antivirus

Military-grade cybersecurity, even for your organization. Uranyo guarantees levels of protection not achievable with traditional antivirus, automatically detecting and H24,every type of cyber attack - from carpet attacks with malware/ransomwareup to the most sophisticated attack attempts (Zero Day Attack, APT) - thanks to the analysis of behavioral anomalies of processes and network communications.

Uranyo is the first Italian XDR*

An integrated security management platform that combines the functionality of EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) and NSA (Network Security Appliance).
The sophisticated military-derived artificial intelligence algorithms make it possible to identify every possible threat (detection) and neutralize it with immediate and automatic countermeasures (reaction), according to pre-selectable levels and intervention methods.

*XDR: Extended Detection and Response

Uranyo implements reactions in real time, according to pre-selectable levels
of automation.

The 3 Components of Uranyo

SW Agent

They can be easily installed on any PC or server to be protected: Uranyo does the rest!


The Administrator control panel, to manage all Uranyo functions from any browser, even from a tablet!

Mobile App

All the main functions of the Dashboard, with the convenience of a "mobile" management!

Your company's security in your pocket